Weekly Roundup for October 22

A bit of a slow week, news wise, but the Anglican Communion seeks to build on the positive feelings from the Lambeth Conference, new leaders take up the reins of the Episcopal Church and a pioneering bishop has died. All these stories and more; it’s our weekly roundup of stories from across the church.

In the Episcopal Journal & Café

Diocese of Florida moves forward with plans to hold second episcopal election

Florida Episcopalians call for postponement of second bishop coadjutor election

Trinity Talks’ latest theme:  ‘Art as a Medium for Change’

Episcopal Church

New Executive Council seated at recent General Convention has first meeting of shortened term focused on orientation and team-building.

Parishes in the News

Montgomery Alabama parish invites community to free their inner impressionist painter: Grace Episcopal Church Hosts Pike Road’s “Plein Air Paint Out’.


Bishop’s Corner

From the NY Times: Mary Adelia McLeod, First Female Bishop of an Episcopal Diocese, dies at 84.


Anglican Communion

The International Commission for the Theological Dialogue between the Anglicans and the Orthodox met in Athens

Bishop for Episcopal Ministry appointed to build on successful Lambeth Conference


From the Church Times

Amidst political upheavals, the Bishop of London calls on government to lay out a clear plan for health and social spending stability https://www.churchtimes.co.uk/articles/2022/21-october/news/uk/bishop-of-london-calls-for-clear-plan-to-fund-health-and-social-care?utm_campaign=Church%20Times%20RSS%20Daily%20bulletin%202.0

Standing on Common Ground: English Rabbi Jonathan Romain finds clerical parallels in different faith traditions


Other Interesting Items

The Presbyterian missionary who became a revolutionary in Iran: “Howard Baskerville believed there was no separation of religion and politics,” says Reza Aslan, “that democracy was a divine gift.”

A great essay on the importance of spiritual practice as the foundation of faith; Practical Steps on the Ladder to Heaven.

An interesting review of the conservative author George Weigel’s new contrarian take on Vatican II, To Sanctify the World: The Vital Legacy of Vatican II.



Image: {ENS} Members of the Executive Council of The Episcopal Church pose at the Hilton Phoenix Airport in Arizona, on Oct. 19, 2022. Photo: Amanda Skofstad


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