Weekend Roundup for December 3rd

We are back from our Thanksgiving break and hope everyone had a good holiday and a blessed start to Advent. This week, the Florida do-over vote is again challenged, Archbishop Canterbury globe hops, and the little church in the old west town of Tombstone finds a spirit of revival; it’s our weekly roundup of news and stories from across the church

Weekend Roundup for September 24

Chicago celebrates a long-delayed consecration, early African American Episcopal pioneer honored in Philadelphia, and how clear is the Bible, really – all this and more! It’s our weekly roundup of news from around the church.

Weekend Roundup for September 10

Lots of responses to the death of Queen Elizabeth (herself a very devout Anglican), an interview with the new President of the House of Deputies, the Church in Wales chooses to not “go gently into that good night,” plus so much more; it’s our weekly roundup of news and stories from around the church and the world.