Diocesan or Church Print Partner Membership

The mission of Episcopal Journal is to inform, involve and inspire Episcopalians in the United States and abroad, by sharing the good news of our church’s mission and ministry.

Benefits of the Printing Partnership

  • Your Diocesan Newspaper is printed and wrapped around Episcopal Journal, emphasizing local identity.
  •  Episcopal Journal, the newspaper for all Episcopalians, a $3.75 value, is delivered with Your Diocesan Newspaper.
  •  Periodical Mailing Privileges insure that Your Diocesan Newspaper with Episcopal Journal is received on a timely, consistent basis.
  •  Your Diocesan Newspaper covers regional and local news and Episcopal Journal covers Episcopal and Anglican news worldwide.
  •  Episcopal Journal deals with the printer, allowing Your Diocesan Newspaper to concentrate resources on the editorial product.
  •  Your database is maintained by the Episcopal Journal service bureau, providing up-to-date addresses meeting USPS standards.
  •  Episcopal Journal pays for undeliverable copies and address changes.
  •  All Episcopal Journal subscribers in the diocese receive Your Diocesan Newspaper with Episcopal Journal.

…and Episcopal Journal articles embrace who we are and the many ways of ministry; columns invite readers to share their faith stories, spiritual practices and opinions.

[Note: parishes are eligible to participate with a minimum press run of 1,000.]

Contact Mike Brooks at 845-800-6551 or email info@episcopaljournal.org