Speaking to the Soul

Soybeans and God

by Nancy Freeman Nature is the key to the human vision of God. In all its variety, all its beauty, lie two things: the understanding


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Weekend Roundup for October 1st

The PB has COVID, Hurricane Ian pummels Florida and the Carolinas and ERD responds, plus a priest goes on a Jeopardy winning streak and so much more. It’s our weekly roundup of news from around the church.

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Weekend Roundup for September 24

Chicago celebrates a long-delayed consecration, early African American Episcopal pioneer honored in Philadelphia, and how clear is the Bible, really – all this and more! It’s our weekly roundup of news from around the church.

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The Feast of Michaelmas

Revelation 12:7-12 Who is like God? The nine choirs of angels shouted,and Michael, leading the heavenly host,ground the bat-winged dragon beneath his heel, he who

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The Skin of our Discomfiture

“The discomfiture we feel may be our most accurate human sensation; reminding us we are not quite “at home” here. — C.S. Lewis In his novel “Anxious People” Scandinavian

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The Woman at my Gate

I’m a much better listener than I am a speaker.  And I like to listen in an environment where everybody is comfortable – seated, warm

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Learning from Funerals

There are benefits to growing up in a family with few young children and much older relatives. I learned how to make butter from the

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