Episcopal Journal Partnerships and Publications

Episcopal Journal is a 16-page monthly national news print publication offering news and events of interest to Episcopalians and the wider Anglican community.

Diocesan partnerships

Episcopal Journal can be printed with regional diocesan or church editions for members of the Episcopal Church. Each regional publication, prepared by its own editor or by Episcopal Journal design staff, is wrapped around Episcopal Journal and mailed with periodical privilege. If there are months when some regional editions are not published, regional editors can choose to mail the national Journal edition to their subscribers.

At present there are two options for diocesan partnership.

Tabloid Newspaper: a 16 page publication. Diocese publications can be wrapped around it with a minimum of 4 pages. Contact Mike Brooks for cost estimates.

Magazine: a full color glossy print publication. The wrap cover and front section is regional news followed with Episcopal Journal articles. A minimum of 8 interior pages or more available for regional news in 8 page increments, followed by either 16 pages of Episcopal Journal news selections from the larger tabloid publication, or 24 pages which would be the complete monthly news articles.

Contact Mike Brooks for cost estimates.

Individual subscriptions

Episcopal Journal newspaper is also offered through individual subscriptions. An annual subscription is $39.00 for one year or $75.00 for two years. Click here to subscribe.

Alternatively, the Journal will transmit editorial files to a publication where deadlines, printing and mailing are determined locally. With this option, the Journal provides an eight-page PDF to be integrated with the publication. The cost for this PDF content is 8¢ per address. Customized pages are 3¢ per address.

Digital Edition

Episcopal Journal pages and articles are available for web site posting by parishes and dioceses. Contact Mike Brooks for cost estimates.

We will be offering individual digital edition version soon.