Tensions arise between cathedral and bishop over an ordinand’s “theological views”

“As part of the agreement between the Advent and the diocese, the Advent has a seat on the Commission on Ministry but has not yet offered anyone to fill that place….  This was not the first time that someone with a theological expression different from the Advent has been ordained in our diocese and at the Advent.” – Bishop Glenda Curry, Diocese of Alabama.

Welby apologizes to Ghana Anglicans

The Archbishop of Canterbury has apologised for not speaking directly to the Ghanaian bishops before issuing his statement last month. Welby’s [new] statement leaves it unclear what position the Anglican leadership in Ghana will take as the anti-LGBTQ+ Bill progresses through the legislature. His quotation from Resolution 1.10 omits the fact that it rejected “homosexual practice as incompatible with scripture”, and could thus be cited in support of aspects of the Bill. – Church Times

Diocese of Albany will comply with B012

We direct all clergy who desire to use such rites for same-sex couples, with the advice and input of the congregation’s Vestry, to contact our Assisting Bishop to work out on our behalf the details of a Letter of Agreement for supplemental episcopal pastoral support. – Standing Committee and Ecclesiastical Authority