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The Persistent Widow

Belonging.  I am of the personality type where belonging is one of my highest values, maybe the highest one.  And, you know, belonging to the

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False Advertising

There it is again. I’m reading the newsreader, and there’s a picture of a very fluffy, cute small dog gazing at the sky. What’s wrong

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(a poetic reflection on Luke 9:28-36) Daily Office Gospel reading for Friday, October 14, 2022: Luke 9:28-36 I remember in 2018 on my first Camino that

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Prayer as Protest

Luke 18:1-8 Jesus tells this story: A widow: without advocate, without protector, abandoned and abused, cried out through the teeth of outrage, refusing to subside

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The widow and the judge

Can I free Jesus from my old and calcified, allegorically literal, algebraic interpretation of his parable about prayer and remember that God is not worn down by my cries, nor eroded by my need, nor numb to my grief, nor impassive to my witting and unwitting, egregious, and unnecessary participation in injustice?

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Rise and Go

By Emily Meeks  Now that two years of working virtually are over, I find that commuting by bike is one of the best parts about

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Thank You

Yesterday I caught myself turning away without looking.  There were two resplendent fall trees side by side, lit by honeyed sunlight – a glorious display

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Strangers for Whom we Pray

by Lexiann Grant “…we commend to thy fatherly goodness ALL those who are in any ways afflicted or distressed…”— BCP, Prayer For All Sorts and

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Salvation Beyond Healing

Luke 17:11-19 We called across a chasmas deep as any canyon,we, the reviled, whose householdwas held in common through outcast state. The rabbi called to

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