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Reacting, Reliving, Relieving

An internet search on ‘body remembered anniversary’ results in thousands of sites describing how people write about mentally forgetting the date of a loved-one’s death,

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All Souls

Nothing escapes the attention of their inquisitive and thorough beaks. Nothing extraneous will be left unconsumed. Between them, they are cleaning up. 

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Most Mornings …

Most mornings I carve out time just for me. I quietly walk down the hall to the hum of the kids’ sound machine. Tiptoeing down

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Only Say the Word

By Sonny Marks I knelt at the side of the altar, the chalice minister for the Sunday late afternoon service. “The gifts of God for

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The Give Away

This week I am writing an icon of St. Homobonus, a 12th Century Italian cloth merchant whose calling was to earn a lot of money

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Zacchaeus Found

Luke 19:1-10 I did not deliberately set out upon the road On which I found myself. It started from the scornOf classmates who belittled me.I

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Fast Heart

by Josh Huber If it were enough to have faith in the color of those slate blue clouds afar off–to believe in the beauty of

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