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Between Dreams

Excerpted from Passion for Pilgrimage, by Alan Jones “In the Eastern tradition there is a critical period in our lives that is a privileged opportunity for

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An outreached hand

By Emily Meeks Stone benches line the walls of the Encounter Chapel, part of the lower level of Duc in Altum in Magdala, on the

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The strange man

Jesus would be out of luck, were he to try to get me to give him a drink of water from the community well.  He

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John4: 5-42 Lenten violet and white papel picado flutter overhead, the bougainvillea blooms sprawlover the crisp white tablecloths, altars beneath the warming Oaxacan sun. Come,

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A meditation on the cross

I imagine they made it of living wood; the tree itself shared your fate,cut down in service of hateful violence,its beauty overlooked, its sacrifice, turning our exhaust into air,

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When the hawk comes

Is it too grand of me to believe that Jesus was teaching me through the dream? The ego perspective wishes to hang on to life. That is its value to us; it is the part of us that works hard so that we prosper in the world. Of course it wants to protect the wounded bird. It wants to make the world safe for all of us. But there is the other perspective, the one born of Spirit.

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