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Mustard Seed Faith

When I was a child, I thought that an effective petition to God came about by gathering all the force of my small will.  If

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Every storm runs out of rain.  – Maya Angelou It’s hurricane season, and with it comes the usual wind, rain, storm surge, and flooding. Whereas

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The Feast of Michaelmas

Revelation 12:7-12 Who is like God? The nine choirs of angels shouted,and Michael, leading the heavenly host,ground the bat-winged dragon beneath his heel, he who

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The Skin of our Discomfiture

“The discomfiture we feel may be our most accurate human sensation; reminding us we are not quite “at home” here. — C.S. Lewis In his novel “Anxious People” Scandinavian

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The Woman at my Gate

I’m a much better listener than I am a speaker.  And I like to listen in an environment where everybody is comfortable – seated, warm

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Learning from Funerals

There are benefits to growing up in a family with few young children and much older relatives. I learned how to make butter from the

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Last Day of Summer

Yours is the day, yours also the night;   you established the luminaries and the sun.You have fixed all the bounds of the earth;   you made

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The call of Matthew

If you were to write a gospel,  what would you include?  what might you leave out?  Would you slide in a cameo  of the time

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Editors' featured posts

Ashes into Beauty

“I am not just burning my mask however. I am using that as a symbol of transformation, a way to remind myself and those around me that the journey of Lent is preparing us for the beauty of Easter Sunday. So how will I accomplish this? This year, by creating artwork from the ashes.”


Toe Jam Vintage

“Now, in reading today’s Gospel in commemoration of Martin Luther, one could easily fall into thinking that the “pruning” and “casting into the fire” that’s being referred to here is about tossing heretics and apostates into the flames of hell.”


LIke a Tree Planted by Water

“The realm of emotion is also a place of fickleness.  Sometimes I feel God’s presence there and sometimes I have only ashes in my heart.  I can feel a deep joy in a melody, the winging of a goose over the rooftops, the prisms in a snowflake.  But just as quickly I can be crushed by loss, fear or illness.”

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