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Prominent New York church connects with ‘jazz kids’

By Trinity Church Wall Street.
Historic Trinity Church Wall Street has announced a new collaboration, beginning this fall, with Jazz House Kids to provide free, professional jazz education for children and a series of free public jazz concerts at its historic downtown churches.

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Artist interprets icons as a ‘longing for the divine’

By Solange De Santis. Worshipers and visitors to the main sanctuary, community center and chapel at Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church in Darien, Conn. are encountering a major, 100-piece art exhibit by Ludmila Pawlowska, an artist with Ukrainian roots who is dedicating 60% of any sales to Ukrainian refugee relief.

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The great choice: The great replacement or the great commission?

By Pamela A. Lewis. One of the most frequently used words in modern English is “great.” It’s an all-purpose adjective we use indiscriminately to define the quality of a wide range of people, places, things, events, and experiences, regardless of whether they deserve such high praise. “Great” has become the ultimate superlative:

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Artists interpret sacrament and nature

“Sacraments reflect church community and how we see ourselves through song, praise, image, prayer, and liturgy. Art is an artist’s testament to our care for one another, our communion with Mother Earth, and our stewardship of the planet. The art and artist commentaries are diverse, as they each illustrate versions and aspects of how we think about the seven sacraments and our mother Earth.”

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In Ukraine, art is cultural memory

Written by By Elizabeth Lev. It may seem frivolous to talk about art during such a grave humanitarian crisis, but art is an essential part of the humanity of a culture, exploited by invaders and destroyed by barbarians to strike at the heart of a people’s identity.

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