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Weekend Roundup for August 13

The Lambeth Conference has finished up, but now bishops and others are processing things plus lots of other interesting items this week from around the church and the wider world of faith

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Archbishop of Canterbury’s closing sermon from the Lambeth Conference

Because in this command, ‘do not fear’, our eyes are opened to God’s promise.  We are called again to conversion to life, a conversion that daily says to us that we should pray to God: ‘I trust you. To hear my prayers, my protests, my praises, my laments, to hear my heart crying out to you in anger’ that says, whatever happens I trust that in some wonderful and mysterious way you feed me for eternity

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Unity, not Division winning out at Lambeth Conference

The vibe coming from the Lambeth Conference is a definite sense that, for the most part, we are moving towards an acceptance of difference, and that whatever it is that holds the communion together is stronger than the current issues pulling it apart.

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Weekend Roundup for July 30

It’s been a hot summer across the northern hemisphere and it looks like that continues, literally and metaphorically, at the Lambeth Conference, where bishops from across the Communion are gathering in southern England.

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