Author: Rosalind Hughes

All Souls

Nothing escapes the attention of their inquisitive and thorough beaks. Nothing extraneous will be left unconsumed. Between them, they are cleaning up. 

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The widow and the judge

Can I free Jesus from my old and calcified, allegorically literal, algebraic interpretation of his parable about prayer and remember that God is not worn down by my cries, nor eroded by my need, nor numb to my grief, nor impassive to my witting and unwitting, egregious, and unnecessary participation in injustice?

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The call of Matthew

If you were to write a gospel,  what would you include?  what might you leave out?  Would you slide in a cameo  of the time

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Lost in prayer

Sometimes when I pray the words scurry by like ants I watch their silent progress unregistered on the kitchen scale undulating in their trail unnoticed until they become a swarm indistinguishable one from

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Pistols into ploughshares

June is, among other commemorations, gun violence awareness month. As part of the work of addressing and redressing gun violence, my parish hosted a Guns to Gardens: National Buyback Day event on June 11th. While we are still mentally and spiritually processing the ways in which God has called us to confront gun violence, I found myself reflecting on the experience of standing before the forge that afternoon, physically processing gun parts into garden tools … 

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Feed the birds

It is time to look for the hand of Providence, to cry as a bird in the nest, to look up, and not down into the emptiness at my own feet.

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His eye is on the sparrow

That one,
heir to the earth
in the fluorescent heavens
of the grocery hall:
the sparrow cannot fall,
it will not fall uncaught
by the eye of God.

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Recognition Resurrection plus ten: is the shock wearing off or setting in? That time when the child was lost three days, three hours, three minutes

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