Author: Rosalind Hughes

A meditation on the cross

I imagine they made it of living wood; the tree itself shared your fate,cut down in service of hateful violence,its beauty overlooked, its sacrifice, turning our exhaust into air,

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A psalm of lament

After another mass shooting How long, Compassionate One, how long will you allow our angry spirits to arm themselves against their own children, our own

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(A conversion) not (of St Paul)

No lightning boltnor sudden fallbut the gentle tap-tapof mercy raininglike hoofbeatslike heartbeatsover the umbrellaof consciousness – Who are you? You sang, my pied piper;I was powerlessnot to

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Follow the star

But what if I have spent too long staring into space longing for a sign What if the mystery were here all along in the

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The Word

Ten years after the tragedy at Sandy Hook, with apologies to those still unconsoled, we wait still upon the Word to come; for good news to the victims of gun violence, peace on earth, and the goodwill to protect and celebrate every child of God. Amen: Come, Lord Jesus.

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The day of preparation

The day before, setting the table, wiping the counter, counting the seats, there is time to remember, to mourn those who will not grace this feast; those whom we see

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All Souls

Nothing escapes the attention of their inquisitive and thorough beaks. Nothing extraneous will be left unconsumed. Between them, they are cleaning up. 

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The widow and the judge

Can I free Jesus from my old and calcified, allegorically literal, algebraic interpretation of his parable about prayer and remember that God is not worn down by my cries, nor eroded by my need, nor numb to my grief, nor impassive to my witting and unwitting, egregious, and unnecessary participation in injustice?

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The call of Matthew

If you were to write a gospel,  what would you include?  what might you leave out?  Would you slide in a cameo  of the time

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