Laurie Gudim

In-Between Time

As we walk through the Easter season in the lectionary we come into another time of emptiness and waiting.  The first followed the crucifixion, when Jesus was in the tomb and nobody could get to the body for anointing.  It was a time of aching loss and overwhelming confusion.  The second such time is the …

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To the Good Shepherd

The language of my soul is Christian.  I have always known I belong to Christ, even when my head has told me differently.  God has taken many shapes: grandmother, diamond, witch, sage, ocean, light, and utter darkness and emptiness, to name a few.  But always there is that incarnating, dying and resurrecting aspect, that Christ.

How Will I Recognize?

“This makes me ponder what we call the Easter moment.  In all our Easters isn’t there that element of the unexpected?  Perhaps it is that I wanted to be reinstated to a position from which I’d been wrongfully dismissed.  Instead, a new job comes along, one closer to my particular skill set.  Or my house burned down and I prayed for the money to rebuild.”