Author: Lexiann Grant

Made a Decision to Turn

Dear God I pray Turn my mind to thoughts of you;Turn my heart to welcoming your presence;Turn my mouth to speaking your praise,  to uttering your

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As We Wait

It is the evening before winter storm Elliott is about to break, cold and dark, yet stars still glimmering. We are driving through the mountains to

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Reacting, Reliving, Relieving

An internet search on ‘body remembered anniversary’ results in thousands of sites describing how people write about mentally forgetting the date of a loved-one’s death,

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Strangers for Whom we Pray

by Lexiann Grant “…we commend to thy fatherly goodness ALL those who are in any ways afflicted or distressed…”— BCP, Prayer For All Sorts and

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The Skin of our Discomfiture

“The discomfiture we feel may be our most accurate human sensation; reminding us we are not quite “at home” here. — C.S. Lewis In his novel “Anxious People” Scandinavian

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Cocoa the Wonder Cat

“Animals are footprints of God.”  Martin Luther Scripture hints that God presents himself to us through his creatures with Balaam. His donkey stopped because an

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of Merry Light and Happy Voices

of Merry Light and Happy Voices by Lexiann Grant “Lumen hilare sanctae…Dignus es in tempore quovis sanctis vocibus celebrari…”Literal Latin Phos Hilaron portion. The first

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