Lexiann Grant

Cocoa the Wonder Cat

“Animals are footprints of God.”  Martin Luther Scripture hints that God presents himself to us through his creatures with Balaam. His donkey stopped because an angel was standing in the way, and “the Lord opened the donkey’s mouth” to speak directly to Balaam.  When Jesus spent forty days in the wilderness, Mark’s gospel indicates that he was …

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God’s Earrings

An aura of goodness she seemed to be emitting caught my attention. When our glances met, I was drawn towards her. Inside the box were dozens of sets of tiny, cheap earrings that she said she’d made. She asked if I’d like a pair.

Hope is not a Strategy (Or is it?)

“Hope is hard to come by these days. Never ending pandemic and mutations, inflation, escalating global tensions, crime and political divisions on the home front. A mental health practitioner told me that, regardless of her patients’ diagnoses, every single one is suffering anxiety and increased stress.”

Restoring Christmas: Ver. 2.0

“If your Christmas this year is lonely or impoverished in any manner – be present – remind others you are here and of value. Ask for prayers. Ask for help. Give others the gift of the opportunity to be kind and generous, as Jesus directed us to be. We truly need the restoration of compassion.”