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We Only Have Now

by Theresa Newell I held your hand when you were born. I loved you. I wept for all the troubles you will have in your

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Easter Wrapped

by: Emily Meeks  It may seem incongruent but in this season of Easter, I have been thinking about one particular snowshoe excursion from this past

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Preparing for a Vigil

by Josh Huber  Do consider the lilies. Also, if time allows, the daisies, tulips, daffodils, azaleas, snow drops, and dandelions. Not necessarily in that order

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I Loved you First

by Theresa Newell I recently attended a memorial for my aunt. There was a table with many pictures. One picture, my cousin explained, was of

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The Mary’s

by Josh Huber In Matthew, that first Sunday after Jesus was crucified, the Marys don’t seem to have a plan. They weren’t coming with spices

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Between Dreams

Excerpted from Passion for Pilgrimage, by Alan Jones “In the Eastern tradition there is a critical period in our lives that is a privileged opportunity for

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