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Episcopal Journal accepts display and classified advertising for products and services that will interest our readers. Our representative welcomes your interest in advertising and looks forward to working with you in creating a successful, cost-effective campaign that reaches into the homes of subscribers across the country.

Information about our general rate policy, contract and advertising regulations, printing requirements, color rates, and issue and closing dates are available on our Advertising Specifications

Display advertising: Commission and cash discounts are available for display advertising. Frequency discounts are based on 12 consecutive issues from the first insertion. One-sixth page is the minimum size for earning frequency discount on a larger space. Each page or fraction of a page counts as one insertion.

Classified advertising: Classified display advertising rates and classified line rates are available on our Advertising Specifications. Copy and written confirmation for classified ads must be received by the first of the month for the following month’s edition.

Inserts: Contact the advertising department directly for complete information on advertising inserts.

The editor reserves the right to reject any advertising that it believes is not in keeping with the publication’s standards or is deemed unsuitable or misleading.

Patrick Shanley
Ad Sales Representative
(312) 919-1306

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