March 16, 2022

From a priest: a political statement about Ukraine

What can we do, directly, to address the agonizing violence in Ukraine? We can pay attention to what we do have control over; we can pay attention to our local elections. We can find, and support, persons of good will and good faith and good character. We can find, and support, people of established virtue, people with records of virtue and wisdom and peace. We can support the people of peace, wherever they are. – Sam Candler, Dean of the Cathedral of St. Philip, Atlanta

The grammar of prayer

Resurrection is coming. It is important and sometimes difficult to hold on to that hope; yet resurrection that glosses over the reality of death, the finitude of death, that last piece of the solidarity of the Incarnation reins in the hope that might otherwise extend even to the rubble of a hospital, or the shores of a storm-churned beach, or the shut-off third rail of a subway system.