Speaking to the Soul

The Visitation

I love that, for a moment, you embraced, neither wondering how the other came to be in her loosened state, knowing next to nothing of the contractions to


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Faith to Go: God Sightings

This week, Alan Yarborough, The Church Relations Officer with the Office of Governmental Relations of The Episcopal Church joins Charlette and David to share his experience of wonder, service, and advocacy.

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2FAB Madeline L’Engle

In this episode; Madeleine L’Engle, theologian, children’s book author, and spiritual director. Two Feminists Annotate the Beatified has only two more episodes to go! Thank you for listening.

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Home Among the Weeds

At our former homemy beloved dislikedour Rose of Sharon trees—he likened them to weeds. Yet I am convincedthat it is always the “weeds”that provide the

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We Only Have Now

by Theresa Newell I held your hand when you were born. I loved you. I wept for all the troubles you will have in your

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