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Matthew 5:1-12 O God, You bless us in every moment, and uphold us by the strength of your Love: hear our prayer, for our hope


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‘Pray, mourn and bear witness,’ asks bishop of Los Angeles

Bishop John Harvey Taylor thanked members of the Diocese of Los Angeles “for your fierce, faithful prayers this week for the victims of the shootings in Monterey Park and San Mateo County, their families and friends, and all members of the Asian American and Pacific Islander community.”


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Faith to Go: Featuring Jerusalem Greer

Today Charlette and David are joined by Jerusalem Greer from the Presiding Bishop’s office.  Hear to how Jerusalem’s work takes her around the church to events like Good News Gardens at Camp Stevens and The Good News Festival last month in San Diego.

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2FAB: Marion Pritchard

The Marion von Binsbergen Pritchard was a Dutch social worker, psychoanalyst, and member of the Resistance who helped save approximately 150 Dutch Jews, most of them children, during the German occupation of the Netherlands. Luci and Jordan are joined by special guest, Grace Pritchard Burson.

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A Living Parable

by Theresa Newell The kingdom of heaven is like an elderly woman who, being hospitalized, found out she has a health condition that will prevent

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The Cross and the Towel

I have a hard time with the use of the cross as the central symbol of Christianity.  Years ago one of my campus ministry colleagues

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A tent was constructed, the first one, in which were the lampstand, the table, and the bread of the Presence; this is called the Holy Place. Behind the

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