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By Leslie Scoopmire Bedeviled by thoughts ominous and thoughts profound,wreathing fog about my noggin, sheathingperspective, restive, Idid not know how to spy the blue sky,to


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Weekend Roundup for December 3rd

We are back from our Thanksgiving break and hope everyone had a good holiday and a blessed start to Advent. This week, the Florida do-over vote is again challenged, Archbishop Canterbury globe hops, and the little church in the old west town of Tombstone finds a spirit of revival; it’s our weekly roundup of news and stories from across the church

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Florida Bishop election do-over challenged

The journey to elect a bishop in the Jacksonville-based Diocese of Florida has hit another road bump. The Standing Committee notified the diocese that it had received a formal objection to the election which has already been run twice.


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A Profound Hope

. . . we might have hope. . . – Romans 15:4 In my lectio today, these four words bubbled up.  What is it, I

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Grief, Advent and Candles

I always look forward to Advent, my favorite liturgical season. I love the readings, the music, the anticipation, the twinkling of lights, the scent of

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by Lexiann Grant “Ensure that Holy Christmas is never a celebration…of appearances or of useless gifts, or of excessive waste, but that it is a

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Praise Now

Inspired by Caedmon’s HymnO God the Maker, whose creation brings forth stuttering praises of awe and wonder from the untutored tongues of your children,our hearts overflow now

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