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of Merry Light and Happy Voices

of Merry Light and Happy Voices by Lexiann Grant “Lumen hilare sanctae…Dignus es in tempore quovis sanctis vocibus celebrari…”Literal Latin Phos Hilaron portion. The first


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Weekend Roundup for June 25

Church leaders respond to Supreme Court Decision, General Convention and Lambeth Conference preparations, property disputes and more; it’s our weekend roundup of news from across the church.

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Artists interpret sacrament and nature

“Sacraments reflect church community and how we see ourselves through song, praise, image, prayer, and liturgy. Art is an artist’s testament to our care for one another, our communion with Mother Earth, and our stewardship of the planet. The art and artist commentaries are diverse, as they each illustrate versions and aspects of how we think about the seven sacraments and our mother Earth.”


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Those of us who defend abortion rights are deeply concerned for the dignity of women

By Lynn Shuler Teague

One of the many things I value about the Episcopal Church is its official position that women should have moral agency in the difficult issue of abortion. The teachings of our Church tell us that abortion is not to be used for “mere convenience” or as a substitute for birth control. However, the Church affirms the dignity and bodily autonomy of those who are pregnant and clearly opposes legislation to prohibit abortion.

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Faith to Go: Too Much to Bear

This week Faith To Go formation team members David Tremaine and Charlette Preslar discuss Jesus’ teaching about the relationship between the Father, the Spirit of Truth, and himself and what it means for our lives today.

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Pistols into ploughshares

June is, among other commemorations, gun violence awareness month. As part of the work of addressing and redressing gun violence, my parish hosted a Guns to Gardens: National Buyback Day event on June 11th. While we are still mentally and spiritually processing the ways in which God has called us to confront gun violence, I found myself reflecting on the experience of standing before the forge that afternoon, physically processing gun parts into garden tools … 

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by Liz Goodyear-Jones 2 Kings 2:1-2,6-14 “Where is the Lord, the God of Elijah?” It’s a question on many, many lips in these days. Where

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Christ is Lost on Them

I’m so tired of saying, “I’m not that kind of a Christian.” My gay and lesbian friends – my community – are not at all

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