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Weekend Roundup for September 24

Chicago celebrates a long-delayed consecration, early African American Episcopal pioneer honored in Philadelphia, and how clear is the Bible, really – all this and more! It’s our weekly roundup of news from around the church.

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The call of Matthew

If you were to write a gospel,  what would you include?  what might you leave out?  Would you slide in a cameo  of the time

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What is Real and Lasts

I couldn’t make heads or tails of the parable for today from Luke’s Gospel.  But I found myself musing about the use of money.  Three

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Weekend Roundup for Sep 17

A lost jazz album from the Night Pastor, Florida moves forward to re-do their bishop’s election, and Martha’s Vineyard residents, led by the local Episcopal Parish welcomes the stranger. All these and more in this week’s roundup of news and stories from across the church

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