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Worrying About Worrying

Honest to Pete, if there were even the remotest possibility that there was something that could/would go wrong, no matter how insignificant the thing or remote the possibility, I would work up a good worry about it.


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Executive Council looking at shorter General Convention

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry and the Rev. Gay Clark Jennings, President of the House of Deputies, said that the church should continue with plans to hold its 80th General Convention in Baltimore, but that it should be smaller in size, shorter in duration and focused exclusively on essential business.

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In Ukraine, art is cultural memory

Written by By Elizabeth Lev. It may seem frivolous to talk about art during such a grave humanitarian crisis, but art is an essential part of the humanity of a culture, exploited by invaders and destroyed by barbarians to strike at the heart of a people’s identity.

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God’s Earrings

An aura of goodness she seemed to be emitting caught my attention. When our glances met, I was drawn towards her. Inside the box were dozens of sets of tiny, cheap earrings that she said she’d made. She asked if I’d like a pair.

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Good Sheep?

“To brand the lambs – and to give them their vaccines and medicine – the ranch hands will pick a lamb up using both arms. The little guy will fight tooth and nail, wiggle and squirm, and there is nothing at all passive about him. All of the sheep in the pen will jump up and over each other to avoid the helping-hands of the ranchers.”

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