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The Gift of Choices

I sat there, eating a bowl of cereal and reading a book when I ran across a discussion between two characters that made me stop


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Weekend Roundup for August 13

The Lambeth Conference has finished up, but now bishops and others are processing things plus lots of other interesting items this week from around the church and the wider world of faith

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Artist interprets icons as a ‘longing for the divine’

By Solange De Santis. Worshipers and visitors to the main sanctuary, community center and chapel at Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church in Darien, Conn. are encountering a major, 100-piece art exhibit by Ludmila Pawlowska, an artist with Ukrainian roots who is dedicating 60% of any sales to Ukrainian refugee relief.


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It’s summer time! Time for summer reading

Summer is here and time to relax with a good book to take you to far away places, or help you get caught up with day-to-day topics of interest. Episcopal Journal offers an assortment of books to perk your interest.

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Those of us who defend abortion rights are deeply concerned for the dignity of women

By Lynn Shuler Teague

One of the many things I value about the Episcopal Church is its official position that women should have moral agency in the difficult issue of abortion. The teachings of our Church tell us that abortion is not to be used for “mere convenience” or as a substitute for birth control. However, the Church affirms the dignity and bodily autonomy of those who are pregnant and clearly opposes legislation to prohibit abortion.

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Subversive Undercroft #246

Lisa risks heat stroke to complete the episode where we learn the proper (actually over-the-top) way to hear a sermon and then we talk about three of Jesus’s short parable about prioritizing our commitment to follow in His path.

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Faith To Go: Celebrating our 250th episode

For this special edition Faith To Go formation team members David Tremaine and Charlette Preslar welcome back former co-host Maya Little-Saña and hear from former podcast guests who sent in God sightings, reflections on Faith To Go’s 250th episode, and points for this week’s  story of Jesus telling the disciples that he came not to bring peace, but division.

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Lost in prayer

Sometimes when I pray the words scurry by like ants I watch their silent progress unregistered on the kitchen scale undulating in their trail unnoticed until they become a swarm indistinguishable one from

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By: Emily Meeks  We felt it when we step off the ferry – the wind ripples through cinched rain jackets and wakes any sleepiness or

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Archbishop of Canterbury’s closing sermon from the Lambeth Conference

Because in this command, ‘do not fear’, our eyes are opened to God’s promise.  We are called again to conversion to life, a conversion that daily says to us that we should pray to God: ‘I trust you. To hear my prayers, my protests, my praises, my laments, to hear my heart crying out to you in anger’ that says, whatever happens I trust that in some wonderful and mysterious way you feed me for eternity

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