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General Convention LGBTQ+ caucus expresses concern over recent bishop election in Florida

The recently formed LGBTQ+ caucus for the 80th General Convention has released a letter to all the diocesan bishops and standing committees, asking them to give consideration to what they believe are concerning statements and past actions of bishop-elect Charles Holt, as they discern whether or not to give their consent to his election. The Rev Charles Holt was elected as the Bishop coadjutor for the diocese of Florida at an electing convention held on May 14th of this year.

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In Ukraine, art is cultural memory

Written by By Elizabeth Lev. It may seem frivolous to talk about art during such a grave humanitarian crisis, but art is an essential part of the humanity of a culture, exploited by invaders and destroyed by barbarians to strike at the heart of a people’s identity.

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Laying out the New Kingdom

Isaiah 65:17-25 Something about oncoming holidays seems to spur a need for cleaning, clearing out, and pitching out, like when company is coming over for

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Holy Spirit, the Placer of Obstacles?

What does it mean for us as Christians to worship a God who places obstacles in our paths? In fact, what drove the author of Acts to interpret obstacles as being from the Holy Spirit, rather than the forces of evil? Wouldn’t it make more sense to interpret obstacles to the spreading of the Gospel as being devil-sent, and not God-sent?  

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Commencing Resurrection

The world all around us is bursting forth in its leafy, floral finery. What better time than now to dig deep and cultivate a sense of wonder, gratitude, enjoy in our hearts for all the gifts that God has given us, for each precious moment that we have to be with those we love, and to see the miracle of this beautiful earth that bears us tenderly within her embrace?

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