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Philippians 2:5-11 Empty of all privilege and power, empty of all vanity and puffed up pride he arrives not as a great warrior astride a


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2FAB: Esther John

Today’s episode is all about Esther John, a Pakistani convert to Christianity who was killed in 1960, and is featured on the western wall of Westminster Abbey as one of the 20th Century Martyrs. We talk colonialism, conversion, and family stuff!

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2FAB: Pauli Murray

This week we’re exploring the life and legacy of Pauli Murray: poet, lawyer, activist, priest, writer, teacher, architect of Brown v. Board, founder of NOW, LGBTQ+ saint.

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He Stinketh

Contemplating the story of Lazarus, I had to find a King James Bible to see if it really says, “he stinketh.”  That’s the memory that

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Lazarus Unbound

John 11:1-45 To the sound of distant weeping I exited:“Eleazar, Eleazar,” my sisters criedbut the keen came as if from the bottom of a well,

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